The Future In Construction.




YEC is a services company of choice for many commercial clients. Our work is highly-regarded by our cherished clients. We make every effort to keep them satisfied. Our expert electricians are reliable and trustworthy, and consistently aim to secure the best possible testimonial on each and every assignment.

Commercial premises need to be fully-compliant with Health & Safety and many other UK standards. Owners and lease-holders of industrial units, offices, workshops and other related spaces have a special obligation to ensure the safety of their workspaces. UK safety requirements are rigorous and demanding, and are designed to protect users at all times.

Employee and user productivity is paramount for every business. At YEC, we understand how workplace safety translates into staff productivity and business sustainability. Our work helps to reduce energy use, improve staff safety, and the overall quality of the working environment.


YEC electricians understand the need for sensitivity when working at your home. We are very careful to minimize disruption and work as efficiently as possible. We care about your privacy, and always respect your specific instructions to the letter. We deliver expert electrical services for a range of residential and commercial clients. For landlords, property developers, homeowners and their agents, you can be sure of our attention to detail at all times. Our work is fully compliant with British standards, and backed by insurance.


We are fully-approved NICEIC contractors. Our testing and inspection services cover the requirements all relevant regulations including Portable Appliance Testing (PAT). It is important to note that faulty or inadequate electrical installations can present major hazards.

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